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Specification Type: Laser Camera Detector Finder Detecting Frequency Range: 1MHz C 6500MHz Laser Detecting Range of Wired Cameras (Self-shoot): 0.1m C 20m Detecting Range of RF Device: 0.05m-10m (Subjected to the Transmitting Power of the RF Device) Power Supply: Built-in Lithium Polymer Battery 450mAH Current Consumption: 8mA Viewing Lens: IR Filtered Lens Self-shoot Detecting Wave Length: 920nm Material: ABS Dimension: approx. 93 x 48 x 17mm/ 3.66 x 1.89 x 0.67 Charger Plug Available:US, EU Feature New and high quality Environmental economy, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant Convenience in installation Super environmental suitability and stability low-voltage prompts, built-in rechargeable battery Laser Detection: Windows host can be seen through the eyes of all within sight of the camera facing the camera With auto detection function, the host to carry, when the live environment of eavesdropping devices, pinhole cameras, Casino gambling fraud, etc, the host will be in your auto-body vibration prompts risk With a signal strength indicator lights that can quickly find the signal at source Adjust potentiometer adjustable sensitivity. (Greater sensitivity to widen the scope of or reduce the sensitivity to detect reduced Detection range) quickly identify the waves at source. Detection mode: 1. Laser detection, 2. Vibration (Mute) detection, 3. Beep detection, 4 LED display detection, 5. Headset. How it can be used: Detect if you home is bugged with any spy equipment Detect if your office or work place is bugged with any spy equipment Detect if your car is bugged with spy equipment such as a GPS tracker Detect if your phone is tapped Detect if you are being exposed to dangerous radiation from appliances in your home Detect wireless cell phone and internet signal Detect when a text message is being sent Detect recording devices in public restrooms, hotel rooms, entertainment events, etc Privacy during business transactions Package List 1pc x Laser Camera Detector Finder 1pc x Earphone 1pc x Charger NOTE Please allow slight deviation due to manual measurement. Due to light and screen difference, the item’s color may be slightly different from the pictures. Product type: Outlier Signal Detectors

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